Luther: Series 3 Launch Trailer - BBC One 


Unused posters by Juan Luis Garcia for Spike Lee’s Oldboy.

*bouncing around like a happy drunk person with no rhythm*

Don Jon Official Trailer #1 (2013)


Official Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer

So friggin’ excited!! 


Iron Man 3 was really entertaining, and definitely better than Iron Man 2. I’m, still trying to cleanse my palette of that mess. My advice for fellow comic nerds? Abandon all canon knowledge enjoy the ride. It was definitely clunky in places, but overall, a pretty good probable end to the Iron Man film franchise. [4/5]

I didn’t like The Great Gatsby. It was boring. I mean not that the book itself was the most exciting thing I’ve ever read, but still. Most of my favorite films are over or around the two hour mark, and none of them feel like it. I was sitting in the theater last night constantly peeking at the time, counting down until round about when I’d be able to escape. The trailers made it look a lot more visually impressive and engrossing than it actually is (they also used the soundtrack much better). And if you’re hoping that the book is adapted well, it’s not. You let me down, Baz!! For the record though, my date enjoyed it. [2/5]

Only God Forgives

Miguel ft. Kendrick Lamar - How Many Drinks? Remix (Official Video)

trying to get in my pants? put this song on.

Iwan Rheon - Bang! Bang! (by Iwan Rheon)

Red band trailer for Only God Forgives (2013).

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