Albums I’m loving this week:

Usher || Looking 4 Myself — Different. In a good way. I wish it was more cohesive, but I appreciate the effort to not limit himself to one sound or genre, and also the chances he took with the production on both the traditional EDM and R&B tracks.  Favorite Track: Twisted

The Tallest Man on Earth || There’s No Leaving Now — One of my very favorite folk artists, Kristian Matsson has a voice and talent all his own. This record is beautiful and patient and heartwarming. Favorite Track: There’s No Leaving Now

Azealia Banks || 1991 (EP) — I love her. I love her so much. And although all of these songs have been released prior to this EP, I’m playing it on repeat like it’s brand new (and we get new music videos!) She makes me happy with her realness, her raunchiness, her individuality. Favorite Track: all of them. dammit.

John Mayer || Born and Raised — I’ve missed John. I’m glad that he moved to Montana and raised cattle and took photographs and started channeling Johnny Depp and/or whatever else he might have done while he was away because he came back with a really beautiful record. It’s introspective and honest, and feels more… at home, I guess, than Battle Studies. It listens like it’s something he made just for himself and decided to share with the world as an afterthought. It’s more folksy than bluesy (not that I’m not entirely in love with bluesy because I am), and his voice just glides along, all rasp and melody. Also, the album artwork is amazing. Favorite Track: If I Ever Get Around To Living

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