I have hardly any time for Netflix anymore. It sucks. Over the past week the girls watched lots and lots Avatar: The Last Airbender, Joey finished season one of Workaholics, and I decided to reminisce with Adrian Monk during a bout with insomnia. Other than that: 

War of The Arrows - I keep telling you guys how great Korean films are…I wonder if you’re listening? This one is a period piece and it’s pretty damn good. The characters are actually developed; the action sequences are not over the top, but impressive nonetheless; and the story is solid. [5/5]

Teen Wolf - I decided to start watching this because of Tumblr. I’ve seen so many gifs and macros on my dash, from people that I believe have pretty solid taste, that I gave it a shot. Then I realized that I watched the first two episodes when they first aired but completely forgot them because they made no impression on me either way. On rewatch, they still haven’t, but I’ve started episode three now so we’ll see how it goes. So far I give it a [3/5].

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