Oh, Instagram, how I love thee. 

According to stati.gram, my first photo was posted on October 9th, 2010. I’ve watched it grow leaps and bounds since then. So many improvements have been made, and you can tell the devs really take pride in making it better and better every time it’s updated.

  • The filters are great (my faves are Earlybird and Hefe), and they add new ones fairly frequently. They all give your photos different effects and all are great quality.
  • The built in tilt-shift feature is easy to use and gives your camera photos a great edge.
  • I sometimes have issues with the shutter button response, and it has crashed on me a few times, but these things happen in maybe 2% of my usage, and I use it a lot, so it’s not that big of a deal.
  • I love that you can see the activity of the people you are following, as pictured in the screenshot on the right. It’s helped me find some great instagram users to follow and some really pretty photos.
  • I’m looking forward to the day when there is an Android version of Instagram (not a knock off, but an actual Instagram for Android) because the more the merrier - interactions with others make it more fun, as I’ve seen over the past 9+ months.
  • The UI is beautiful, and simple - my favorite combination.

You can check out my stream online here, or in the app - I’m @blissed. Instagram is free in the app store.

Instantwatcher, from the folks at Instantwatcher.com is one of my favorite apps, offering a lot of help when it comes to navigating Netflix’s instant streaming titles. It has features that the Netflix website and Wii interface (where I use Netflix most) don’t have (or are hard to use) but desperately need. It’s helped me find movies I probably wouldn’t have been able to otherwise, and offers the liabilities to manage your Netflix Instant Queue from inside the app.

  • Greatest feature is definitely search. It allows search by actor, director, genre, and more. It could definitely be better, especially if they enabled fuzzy-string-searching, but it’s still better than what Netflix offers on its own. Sometimes you just don’t know how to spell what you’re looking for!
  • I like using bookmarking for keeping track of things that I want to check out but don’t want to put in my queue.
  • It’s currently impossible to edit your account information. Big P.I.T.A.
  • The lists are useful - especially the “expiring soon” one. It kicks my ass into gear if I’ve been putting something off, letting me know something won’t be around much longer.

It hasn’t been updated since 2010, which is ridiculous (especially since it costs $1.99) and as I mentioned above, there are some definite improvements to be made, but it’s pretty indispensable to me and I’ve seen nothing that can compare.

Tiny Tower has been filling all the gaps between my more significant activities this week. It’s a time/resource management game where you operate a tower of residential apartments, stores, restaurants and more. It uses it’s own currency, which you accumulate via your businesses and bitizens. Bux are used mainly to speed things like restocking floors and construction along. Coins are used to begin construction on new floors and buy inventory for your shops.

  • I love the low-bit graphics. The tower levels have a great amount of detail, especially for being so incredibly tiny, and it’s fun just to look at.
  • The different businesses that open are always a surprise, and a lot of fun. So far I have a comic book store, a photography studio, a video rental store, some restaurants and more. It’s like the creators have tapped into my brain and are helping me build my dream skyscraper.
  • The Bitizens are a lot more like real people than you’d think they are. They recieve vistiors, you can change their clothing, and they even have their own version of Facebook - my favorite aspect of the game, where they make jokes, ask questions, talk about their lives and more in status updates.
  • RELATED: I have evicted Bitizens for shit talking the jobs I give them on BitBook. Like, um, realize I didn’t even have to give your little pixelated self a job. 
  • If you’re not progressing as quickly as you’d like, bux are available for purchase in the game and are reasonably priced. I spent $5 on 100 bux and converted half to 100,000 coins.
  • If I changed anything it would be to allow someone to deselect the elevator used to move Bitizens up and down floors. 

I have read complaints about crashes, but I’ve experienced none of that. Tiny Tower is free at iTunes.